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Do I need a Realtor to Buy or Sell a Home?
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Realtors have an abundance of experience. For starters, you need a realtor to access MLS. 

What is MLS? Multiple Listing Service. It is a marketing database set up by a group of cooperating real estate brokers to provide accurate and structure data about properties for sale. 

Buying or Selling a Home requires lots of paperwork. Such as, Paperwork, Reports, Disclosures, and other technical documents. Realtors have the expertise to help you prepare a killer deal, at the same time they help you avoid delays and mistakes that can seriously impact your selling or buying experience.

Realtors can help you find your "Dream Home" or help you sell your property, thanks to MLS. 

Realtors will know the search area, far better than you. They are equipped with the ins and out of every neighborhood. 

With every purchase or selling of a property, strong negotiation skills is of utmost importance and necessary! And, it can get intense and heated. There are lots of competition, cutthroat tactics, cash offers, bidding wars, etc. You will need a savvy and professional realtor to help you seal the best deal. 

Realtors are connected. They have the connections that you need to buy or sell a home. Such as, Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Lawyers, Home Inspectors, Home Stagers, Interior Designers, etc. 

Diana Perez is your sage parent, data analyst and therapist, all rolled into one. Diana wears a lot of different hats. She is constantly checking out listings for you. Spends time researching comps to make sure you are getting the best deal. Diana works for you at nearly all hours of the day and night, whether you need more info on a home or just someone to talk to in order to feel at ease with the offer you just put in. This is the biggest financial, and possibly emotional decision of your life, and guiding you though it isn't a responsibility Diana take lightly.

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